Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Being a polite person I am introducing myself as such, politely.

So this is my first blog. Vair exciting. I'm not sure how these things work, in particular, so I'm going to follow all social conventions I have ever been taught in my mere nineteen years of existence. The first to start with a salutation. Hello. I have chosen 'hello' as I have not yet decided on a tone for my blog - 'hello' remains nicely in the middle of formal and informal. I think it's too soon for 'Iya babes.' Moving on.

My name is Rebecca Dew. My surname is the bane of my life. Almost everyone I know will attempt a 'Jew' joke at some point. Feel free to think of one now, or even post one to me. I'm, as I have already mentioned, nineteen years of age. I am an English Language and Linguistics undergraduate degree student (fancier than it sounds) currently residing in the grand city of York, England. It has a lot of culture and beauty and nice things, the best being a Yorkshire accent. If you are unfamiliar, treat yourself by searching for it on Youtube - won't disappoint. Accents are one of my many likes and interests - alongside parks, cats, Stephen Fry, white chocolate and bad puns (be prepared for a lot). Other than being a student and doing typically student things - like drinking excessively, wasting loans and sometimes studying, I enjoy writing. Thus, the reason for this blog. 

This blog will therefore function sort of like a diary of my random thoughts/feelings and maybe be a bit too much like Bridget Jones' Diary diary (seriously, we're scarily alike. Despite her being a fictional character. What if Helen Fielding isn't just a comic genius writer, and predicted my reason to be on Earth?) So keep reading for witty banter on the life of a British university student, who is beyond socially awkward and therefore hilarious. Toodles. (I decided goodbye was too formal).